Developing Human Resource for an Intercultural Society Activity Report List


Internet Slang (Nov 13)

A workshop took place at the Hamamatsu Multicultural Center on November 13th, where young people gathered to speak about slang used on the internet. The workshop was co-sponsored by HICE and ARTEIROS. Masami Igor, a social media analyst and member of ARTEIROS spoke to participants while going through specific examples of people whose lives have changed since they started using Facebook. Participants enjoyed discussing the differences between words used on Facebook and Twitter and the impact these have on everyday life.


Community Interpreter and Multicultural Case Study (Nov 12)

The 4th Community Interpreter and Multicultural Case Study took place on Saturday, November 12th. Hamai Taeko from the Department of Nursing, University of Shizuoka announced the results of the survey “Empirical research into the communication gap between foreign patients and doctors” which was conducted between 2009 and 2011. In Brazil, there is not enough information available for patients of doctors to make fair judgments. With the lack of consideration for foreigners having surfaced, participants exchanged opinions and spoke about the need for medical interpreters in Hamamatsu


Fundamentals of interpretation techniques (1 Oct)

The 3rd Social work training took place on Saturday, October 1st. Minoru Naito, lecturer at the Center for Multilingual Multicultural Education and Research, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, gave a lecture on intepretation practice methods and types, and understanding basic information for strong interpretation. Then, about 50 participants of Brazilian, Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Mexican, and Peruvian origin split into groups and took part in memory excercises and disaster time roleplays. This proved to be a valuable course in becoming a bridge builder through interpretation for Japanese society.


Eat! Dance! Samba Samba (Aug 28)

In the event co-hosted with Clube Ma-Pa on Sunday August 28, Brazilian and Japanese foods were introduced and tasting of coconut bread and sweets made of peanut and dried pickled plum etc. took place. There were also dance performances by Grupo Brasilidade and the venue filled with excitement as the 35 participants were able to experience samba dancing under the guidance of Grupo Brasilidade’s representative Ms. Eliane Yamashiro.


CRBE and Consulate General Brazilian Council Meeting (Jul 31)

The chairperson of the CRBE and approximately 35 other people attended this meeting in which content decided on in the May council meeting between the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations and CRBE (Council of Representatives of Brazilians Abroad) was announced, and a debate about problems within the Brazilian community also took place.


Social Network (Aug 6)

The vice consul of the Brazilian Consulate General in Hamamatsu Mr. Eduardo Roedel Fernandez and 24 youths took part in this event co-hosted with Arteiros (meaning “mischievous boy” in Portuguese) on Friday August 6. The lecturer of this seminar was Japan-raised digital social media analyst Igor Masami, who spoke about the uploading of inaccurate information relating to news topics on social network sites like twitter, websites and blogs. The merits and dangers of using digital media were also discussed.


Infancy - Challenges & Concerns (Jul 29)

Approximately 20 people attended the first of 3 workshops to be presented by Brazilian Psychologists Mr. Tito Oshima and Tomiko Yoshitome, who spoke about developmental characteristics as well as challenges and concerns for infants between 0-6 years of age.


Community Interpreter and Multicultural Consultant Case Study Second Installment (Jun 18)

On Saturday June 18th, Mr. Sergio Kamei from the Iwata City Council of Social Welfare was welcomed as a provider of information and examined handling of domestic violence consultation with 19 participants.


CRBE Hamamatsu Council Meeting (May 22)

The Brazilian Ministry of External Relations established CRBE
(Council of Representatives of Brazilians Abroad) last year to
represent the Brazilians living around the world. After an election,
32 council members were elected of which 2 members are from
Hamamatsu. On May 22 (Sun.), the first council meeting was held at
the Hamamatsu Multicultural Center in cooperation with the Consulate-
General of Brazil in Hamamatsu. The Consulate-General Mr. Jose
Antonio Gomes Piras got the meeting undergoing at the beginning and
50 participants actively raised issues and ideas during the session.


Japanese Manner and Rules for Everyday Life (May 21)

34 people participated in the first installment of this year’s
social work training seminar, which had the theme of “Japanese
Manner and Rules for Everyday Life”. The first part of this
event was a lecture by Hamamatsu Central Police Station Community
Safety Section Chief Mr. Yoshiyuki Matsuda, who spoke about
precautions regarding unfair business practices and street crime. In
the second part, Hamamatsu Police Department Chief Ms. Tomoko
Johnston spoke about things that foreigners living in Japan should
know and trouble that arises due to differences in common practice.
The seminar was a great success as participants were able to receive
advice from police representatives, which is something they normally
will not be able to do.


Financial Plan I & II (April 17th and May 15th)

A financial planning seminar took place on April 17th, cosponsored by
Banco de Brazil Hamamtsu and HICE. Participants came all he way from
Tokyo, Gifu and Aichi prefecture. Lecturer Minobaru Monshiro Marcello
pointed out the importance of drawing up a budget while holding
determination for ones objectives and realistic goals. In the second
installment, 2 employees from Banco de Brazil Orlando (USA) spoke
about the life of Brazilians who have emigrated to the USA. The
seminar proved to be worthwhile with regard to building a better
future for Brazilians who have emigrated to Japan.


“Community interpreter and Multicultural Consultant Case Study” Second Installment  

A case study for interpreters and bilingual consultants to exchange information and improve skills. Listen to the advice of various specialists (social workers) while studying relevant cases.
Schedule Jun. 18 (Sat.) 2-4pm
Place Multicultural Center
Fee Free
Enrollment limit 20 people
Inquiries By phone or in person


“World Heritage of Brazil”, the event cosponsored by Clube Papagaio, was held on Sunday March 13th. The event enjoyed a full house where around half of participants were Japanese and half were Brazilian. The Vice Consul of the Brazilian Consulate General in Hamamatsu Mr. Eduardo Roedel Fernandez Silva spoke about Brazilian culture and history using many photographs. Mr. Silva introduced 3 of Brazil’s World Heritage sites: Ouro Preto, Salvador and Brasilia. According to UNESCO, there are 17 world heritage sites in Brazil. Many participants had many questions during the question corner, and at the end made comments saying they were able to learn about Brazil whereas they usually don’t have the chance to.


“Community Interpreters and Multicultural Consultants Case Study Group” (Feb, 5th)

The final case study group of this year took place on February 5th. Around 25 people examined consultation support for psychologically distressed people. Mr. Satoshi Uchiyama, Clinical Psychologist and Deputy Chief Clerk of Hamamatsu Developmental and Counseling Support Center “Rupiro” presented concrete cases and introduced “Rupiro”. In cases where consultants become psychologically overwhelmed, they ask the 5W/1H set of questions (Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How?), receive more detailed information, and depending on the situation consultants have spoken of the necessity of making referrals to specialists. This meeting not only involved case studies, but also listened to the opinions and suggestions of participants regarding next year; the need for additional learning was confirmed.


Let’s Have Fun with Brazilian Music II (Feb, 20th)

41 people took part in the second event cosponsored by Clube Cha Mate and HICE, which took place on Sunday, February 20th. Participants were excited not only by Brazilian music but also by the magic shows and games put on by Mr. Rodrigo Fuji, Mr. Alexandre Funashima and Mr. Marcus Shinohara.


“Social Work Training for a Multicultural Society” 4th Seminar (Dec, 11th)

Different Cultures and Customs – Culture Shock

During the 4th Social Work Training Seminar which was held on Saturday December 11th, Ms. Noemia Hinata spoke about the gestures of Japanese and Brazilian people and the differences in the usage of ones eyes and voice etc. There was laughter from the audience as Ms. Hinata, who is Brazilian herself, shared her personal experiences and research in culture and non-verbal communication with the room. Finally, Ms.Hinata conveyed the importance of awareness of cross cultural understanding.


2nd Community Interpreters & Multicultural Consultants Case Study Group

The 2nd Community Interpreters and Multicultural Consultants Case Study Group was held on June 26th.

A specialist who works as a court interpreter came to give advice and discuss about interpretation. The group covered issues such as what to do if you are asked to translate abusive or inappropriate language, interpret over the phone, or interpret ofr a child at school.
The three points "Be dependable, translate accurately, and don't overstep your role" were raised, and many people shared their own experiences. The next case study session will be held on August 28th, and will be about interpretation between Portuguese and Japanese, aiming to improve participants' technical vocabulary.


Have fun with Brazilian Music!

Become closer to Brazilian culture while experiencing Brazilian music, the HICE volunteer group "Mate Tea Gathering" planned the event "Let's have fun! Brazilian Music!", which took place on Sunday July, 25th. The 3 musicians Rodrigo Fujii, Marcelinho Nakajima and Marcus Shinohara took the lead on the spot in fun style, and formed an impromptu band with the participants whose first time it was to play the instruments. Around 40 participants created rhythm using homemade instruments made from empty cans, as well as being able to experience the real instruments. Everybody took part, contributing to the music and enjoying the samba world to the fullest.


Japanese Tea Gathering

HICE volunteer group "Clube Papagaio", held an event where foreign residents could experience a Tea Ceremony, a part of Japanese culture. The instructor, Suzuki Kondo also took part. The traditional culture of tea ceremony, the etiquette involved and apparatus used etc. were explained in Portuguese through an interpreter. The 16 participants had fun while practicing the tea ceremony and at the same time enjoyed the exchange with other participants.

Clube Papagaio meets every Tuesday evening at Hamamatsu Multicultural Center. The group base their activities at Hamamatsu Multicultural Center with the aim of deepening exchange with Brazilian people while at the same time learning Portuguese.

For those interested in attending, please contact Hamamatsu Multicultural Center.


Phillipine Embassy Tokyo Consular Mission In Hamamatsu

On July 3rd, the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo set up a temporary office at the Multicultural Center
and welcomed around 300 Filipino customers from Hamamatsu and the surrounding area.
Since the Filipino passport system is being digitalized,
all Filipinos are required to visit the embassy to process their passport renewal.
In order to meet the needs of the people who wanted to renew their passports closer to home,
the Filipino Nagkaisa invited the embassy to Hamamatsu.
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