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Hi! I'm Rick Ahern, the new CIR. I'd like to introduce myself, but first, my home country! I come all the way (all 9,761km of the way!) from Limerick City, on the west coast of the beautiful Emerald Isle, known otherwise as Ireland.
I graduated from the University of Limerick in May this year with a Bachelor of Business Studies with Japanese. I have always wanted to study commerce, major in Marketing and pursue a career in Advertising, one of my many passions. I chose to minor in Japanese for a number of reasons; Having a second language in our modern global business environment is a huge asset. I am a lover of travel and culture and have always had an interest in many things Japanese (Martial Arts, Cars, Computers and Technology, History and Culture) so it was the perfect combination for my studies! I also got the chance to complete a work placement relating to my studies, where I completed an internship with Tobu Department store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.
I am a huge sports fan. My hometown is famous for its Rugby team, Munster Rugby, who are 2 time European Champions and hold victories over the likes of the great New Zealand All Blacks. I have dabbled in many different sports over the years i.e. Rugby, Soccer, Golf and Ireland's national sports Gaelic Football and Hurling. But in recent years I have trained in various martial arts and fight sports i.e. Kung-Fu, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA and Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu. I competed at the 2006 WAKO Kickboxing World Cup in Italy as part of the Irish team. I hope to make my time in Hamamatsu as enjoyable as possible, for that reason I want to make loads of friends, take part in loads of events and activities, see the sights and enjoy the cuisine! Oh and of course, improve my Japanese! Feel free to contact me anytime, よろしく!Rick.

Rick Ahern
Rick Ahern

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