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Information and Consultations in Hamamatsu City

Intercultural Center One-Stop Consultation Corner

The Hamamatsu Intercultural Center also runs a one-stop consultation corner. The center first started offering consultations in 1991FY. Following it’s […]

General Administrative Information

Hamamatsu City Official Website This is the official website of Hamamatsu City Government. It has information on the city’s different […]

Law Consultations

Houterasu – Japan Legal Support Center Houterasu is an official legal advice center established by the national government with offices […]

Status of Residence

Visas are under the jurisdiction of Japan’s Immigration Bureau. You can find official information related to visas and status of […]

Residency Procedures

It is necessary to register your address at your local ward office when you first move into Hamamatsu. So, interpreters […]

Neighbourhood Associations and Etiquette for Daily Life

About Neighbourhood Associations (Jichikai) Neighbourhood Associations are organization formed by the people living in each area by their own will, […]


Information about Renting Public Housing Shizuoka – Renting Prefectural Housing Prefectural Housing – Shizuoka-ken Jutaku Kyokyu Kousha (sjkk.or.jp) Hamamatsu City […]

Employment and Work

Hamamatsu City Foreign Resident Employment Support Desk HICE’s Employment Support Desk Tel: 053-458-2170 Looking for Work, Receiving Unemployment Benefit: Hello Work […]

Marriage and Divorce

Getting Married in Japan Registering your marriage with the municipality ・What you need to register your marriage:       〇Japanese People ・An official […]

Childbirth and Raising Children

From Pregnancy to Childhood Please see the link below to find useful procedures and processes regarding pregnancy and raising children. […]


Hamamatsu Comprehensive Educational Support Center (for Public Elementary and Junior-High Schools) Please consult the Hamamatsu Comprehensive Educational Support Center regarding […]

Support for Single Parents

Western Shizuoka Jobs Station (Seibu) – Single Parent Support Center The following website has information on support available for single […]

Domestic Violence

If you are experiencing domestic violence, please seek advice from the following offices. Hamamatsu City Domestic Violence Consultation Service (In […]

Health and Medicine

There are many medical institutions in Japan, each with their own specialization. If you have a minor illness or injury, […]

Consultations on Disabilities

Hamamatsu Disability Consultation and Support Center We provide consultation services for people with disabilities, children with disabilities, guardians, and carers. […]

Old Age (Pension and Nursing Care)

All residents over 20 years old living in Japan are required to enroll in national and welfare pension. Pension are […]

Economic Hardship

Welfare Fund Loans Low-interest or interest-free loans with advice from social welfare workers provided by the national and prefectural government […]


If you earn income in Japan, or have been living in Japan for over 1 year, you have a duty […]

Driving License and Traffic Accidents

In order to drive in Japan, you need either a Japanese driving license or an international driving license issued by […]


Let’s memorize the telephone number for the police and fire services!Police【110】 Ambulance【119】 110 and 119 119 →  w.pref.shizuoka.jp/police/about/110kinkyu/index.html Dial 119 to call […]

Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness Multilingual Support Center Based on the Hamamatsu City Regional Disaster Preparedness Plan, Hamamatsu City and the Hamamatsu Foundation […]

Worries and Mental Health

English Mental Health Resources Mental Health Consultations: TELL Mental Health Clinics: Group With (in the Tokyo area) You can also […]

Money Troubles

Hamamatsu Resident Service Center – (Kurashi no Senta) Citizens’ Consultations Civil matters (inheritance, divorce, etc.) are dealt with by the […]

Discrimination and Bullying (Consultation on Human Rights)

Ministry of Justice – Legal Affairs Bureau Telephone consultations on various human rights problems Sexual harassment and domestic violence problems […]

Procedures After a Death and Inheritance

Okuyami Guide – Administrative Guide for Procedures after a Death Download here (English) → https://www.city.hamamatsu.shizuoka.jp/documents/116888/okuyamiguide_eng.pdf (Japanese) → https://www.city.hamamatsu.shizuoka.jp/siminkj/okuyami_guide/index.html Free Inheritance […]

Other Information

Useful and interesting information for foreigners living in Hamamatsu. Halal Supermarkets and Restaurants in Hamamatsu Since everyone has their own […]