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What’s new from HICE

Reaching for the next stage in International Exchange (2010/12/24)

Hamamatsu is a city located at the forefront of industry, particularly optical technology and the 3 major industries of textiles, musical instruments and automobiles. For many years, Hamamatsu city has produced some of the most talentend people who have been active on a global level, and has reached its set out goal of becoming an international city.
Supporting this move towards internationalization, HICE was established as a private organization in December 1982, then in October 1991 it was reorganized as a foundation. Hamamatsu City residents and foreigners have worked together from the grass roots level, and have come to realize HICE's endeavors.
Due to reformations in the country's public corporation system, our association is making a new start as a public interest incorporated foundation.
From now on, while fulfilling its social duties as a public interest incorporated foundation, in a multicultural cohesive society which is increasingly becoming more complicated and diverse, HICE will endeavour to make the utmost efforts in actualizing a society which is comfortable for all to live in and where friendships between locals and foreigners are nurtured.
I would like to ask for everyone's support in the future, and thank you in advance for your continued cooperation.

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