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My time as a CIR has come to an end, but the memories and experiences of Hamamatsu will stay with me far into the future. It’s hard to sum up my time here in just these few paragraphs, it’s been full of ups and downs, so many wonderful people I’ve met, so many amazing places I’ve been to and so much delicious food I’ve eaten!

When I first came to Hamamatsu I was welcomed by torrential rain as we headed to Yokohama for HICE’s annual bus tour! This was my first taste of international exchange that I was yet to experience during my time here, and looking back now, I’ve had so many opportunities to further exchange and deepen understanding between cultures, not only here in Hamamatsu, but also abroad in countries such as Nepal and Mexico, which I would never have expected to visit as a CIR!

In my last two and a half years in Hamamatsu, Japan has been affected by the Influenza epidemic, the financial crises, the change in political administration among many others. But despite all this, the city has been active in promoting cultural exchange and building stronger relations not only with other cities but also amongst the many different nationalities living here, of which I have been lucky to be involved with and which has made it a very interesting and memorable time to be a CIR here.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my friends and colleagues for their kindness and support, putting up with my Aussie English and for making my time here even better than what it would have been. As I continue my life in Australia (or elsewhere!), I bring back with me a greater sense of Japanese comradeship, a wider world view, a few kilos and even some enshuben dani!

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