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Hello everyone! My name is Carol Cheng and I am from Sydney, Australia. I am the new CIR at Hamamatsu.

My life story is as diverse as the city of Hamamatsu. Because my mother is from Taiwan, I was born in the city of Taipei, but at the age of one year old, my parents brought me to my father’s hometown of Hong Kong. We had the opportunity of migrating to Sydney, Australia when I was four years old. However, after two years in Sydney, my parents decided to move back to Hong Kong and I was enrolled into a primary school where I started to learn Chinese. It was a great challenge at first as I enrolled during mid-year and I only had the knowledge of basic Chinese characters. I remember that where a lot of tears during homework time in the first year. After three years in Hong Kong, once again, due to my father’s work situation, we moved yet again back to Sydney and stayed there permanently. Although I had experience of living in Sydney previously, I still had a lot of trouble at first because I was so young the first time and I had gradually lost all my English knowledge during the time I was in Hong Kong. The first year was very difficult for me, but I managed to adjust and finally I am able to use English fluently. Although it seems really hard on me that I had to shift around a lot during my childhood, looking back at it now I actually appreciated the fact that I was able to live in different environments at a young age and most importantly, I was able to learn how to speak English and Chinese fluently.

Because I was living in Hong Kong, where there are many cultural influences from Japan, I was able to experience many different aspect of Japanese culture at a young age. My interest in the country call “Japan” increased throughout the years and when I was choosing a language to study back in high school in Sydney, I chose Japanese almost immediately. I have been studying Japanese since then and graduated from the University of New South Wales with a major in Advanced Japanese Studies.

This time is actually my second time in Japan. I was here three years ago for one year doing a study abroad exchange in Kansai. However, unlike last time where I was coming as a student, I came to Japan as a worker and I am still bewildered by the change. I hope I can do my best in my work and also continue my exploration of the Japanese language as well as the Japanese culture.

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