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Bomb Disposal Evacuation (2013/01/14)

The unexploded bomb from WWII found at JR Tokai Hamamatsu Factory (Minamiiba-cho, Naka-ku) will be transported to the seashore (Nippashi-cho, Minami-ku) for a controlled explosion. Residents living in neighborhoods where the truck transporting the unexploded bomb will pass through are required to evacuate.
When Feb 17 (Sun) 8AM – 9:40AM(Approx.)
Please check the transportation route and evacuation areas etc. on the following homepage:
URL: http://www.city.hamamatsu.shizuoka.jp/hamaEng/index.html
(English/Portuguese) Hamamatsu City Hall International Affairs Division 053-457-2359
(Japanese) Hamamatsu City Hall Resident Services Division  ℡053-457-2231

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