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What’s new from HICE

FY2016 International Exchange and Intercultural Promotion Project Subsidy for Organizations (2nd Term) (2016/10/31)

This is a call for organizations who wish to take advantage of this subsidy to help promote the internationalization of Hamamatsu!

1. The organization's activities must be based in Hamamatsu.
2. The organization's mission must advance international exchange/collaboration and/or promote interculturalism and international understanding.
3. The organization has defined necessary management structures such as purpose, organizational structure, and representatives.
4. The organization is a non-profit organization.

Subsidy Amount: Up to one-half of eligible expenses (maximum 300,000 yen). However, the maximum is 500,000 yen for activities promoting interculturalism.

Application period: November 1–November 30

Eligible projects are those that begin or continue through December 2016 and complete by the end of March 2017.

You can find the application forms here under the heading for “Application for the Subsidy of the Promotion of International Exchange and Multicultural Society.”

For more information, call HICE at 053-458-2185.

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