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What’s new from HICE

The 10th Hamamatsu Global Fair (2019/02/07)

10th Hamamatsu Global Fair
WHEN: Feb 09 (Sun.) 10am–5pm
CONTACT: Hamamatsu Intercultural Center (HICE)
(TEL: 053-458-2170)
Hamamatsu International Understanding Education Net,
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Chubu,
Hamamatsu Cultural Foundation

Global Fair Flier


※We will update this list as soon as we get new information.

Event Time Venue About
World Cuisine

◇1F Courtyard
■Sample the tastes of the world, including food from Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia and more!
Art Mile Wall Display

10am-5pm ◇1F Plaza
■A giant art display created by children from Japan and around the world.
World Market

10am-5pm ◇1F Plaza
■Shop for miscellaneous goods and fair trade items from abroad♪
Panel Exhibition 10am-5pm ◇1F Plaza
■Introducing various international organisations and their projects.
Experience the World through Games and Workshops 10am-4pm ◇2F

Lecture Room 22

■ Learn about various countries and the world while playing games. Everyone from children to adults can join in the fun!
Decorative Strap Making

10am-4pm ◇2F

Room 21

■ Make your own personal strap for just 200 Yen!
Introduction to JICA and Learn about the World 10am-4pm ◇2F

Room 21

■ It is a chance to talk to young volunteers and get information on international volunteer work.
Let's Build Gaint Art Pieces with Building Blocks!

10am-4pm ◇2F


■ Host: OISCA Technical College
Lottery Drawing

10-4pm ◇2F Hall Entrance
■ Take part in our Lottery Drawing game where you draw what was on your lot and then write down something for someone else.
World Stage

2:15-5:00pm ◇2F Hall
■Music and dance performances of the world!
Symposium 10am-12pm ◇2F Hall
■ Join our symposium about Local Japanese Education systems in Hamamatsu.
Meet and Greet 10-4pm ◇5F

Room 51

■ Host: Hamamatsu Global House
Kimono Wearing, Tea Ceremony & Flower Arrangement

10-4pm ◇5F

Room 54 & Japanese style Room

■ Hosts: Yumehana School (Kimono Wearing& Flower Arrangement) & Hamamatsu Unesco Association (Tea Ceremony)
Bangaladesh and Indonesia Cultural Experience

10-4pm ◇5F


■ Host: HAMKA
Tagalog Language Workshop 2-4pm ◇5F

Room 52

■ Host: Filipino Nagaisa. 15 minutes per person. Guest are free to come and go as they please.

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