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HICE and the Brazilian Consulate General in Hamamatsu invite you to
make use of the Portuguese you have learned up to now and to take
part in the first Speech Contest in Hamamatsu !

WHEN: Oct 2 (Sun.) 2-5pm
WHERE: Hamamatsu Multicultural Center
FOR: Those over 18 years of age whose mother tongue is not a Latin language
(Portuguese, Spanish, French Italian). 20 people
WHAT: A speech composed and presented by the speaker, max. 3 minutes long. Prizes for the best ones!
FEE: Free
APPLY: Fill out the application form and fax it to 053-458-2197, or bring it to HICE in person. You can also apply through the HICE homepage. For more info contact HICE. Deadline Sep 2 (Fri.)
SPONSOR: The Brazilian Consulate General in Hamamatsu. In association with Banco do Brasil Hamamatsu.

*Application from July 1 (Fri.)

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