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Call for Projects for Hamamatsu Intercultural Month! (2015-05-07)

Call for Projects for Hamamatsu Intercultural Month!

Hamamatsu is home to many foreign residents and there are lots of citizen projects for interculturalism.
To promote intercutural development even further, October has been designated as "Hamamatsu Intercultural Month". We will be collecting and promoting events on the theme of interculturalism in and around October.
By spreading the word of these activities together, we can increase awareness about the necessity of interculturalism in the city.
We look forward to your participation!

Promotion Method: Distribution of approximately 60 000 joint flyers, use of the HICE website and Facebook, etc.
Application Period: Jun 1 (Mon.) - Jul 10 (Fri)
Application Method: Fill in the necessary fields of the application form and fax or email it to the foundation.
(The application form can be downloaded from this website or you may use the back of the flyer)
For the application form, click here.
Contact: TEL. (053) 58-2170 E-mail: info@hi-hice.jp

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