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Mt. Fuji Day Commemorative Walk Event (2016-02-24)

Mt. Fuji Day Commemorative Walk ~Saigagake and Temples Linked with Tokugawa Ieyasu

When:Feb 28 (Sun) 9:00 a.m.–noon
Where:Meet at Hamamatsu Castle Park Parking Lot. See the Armor Hanging Pine, Fusaiji Temple, Seirai-in Temple, Sōgen-in Temple, and the Saigagake Historic Battlefield.
What:A walking tour of places linked to Ieyasu, with explanations by volunteer guides.
Contact:Hamamatsu Volunteer Sightseeing Guide Group (Kenji Yokota, TEL: 053-455-3751)
*No advance registration required

Tourism and City Promotion Division, TEL: 053-457-2295

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