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Spring Holiday Old-Times Pavilion (2016-03-09)

Museum (Naka-ku, Shijimizuka 4-chome) TEL:053-456-2208

Play with toys from the old days!
When: Mar 19 (Sat) – Mar 21 (Mon)
Mar 23 (Wed) – Apr 3 (Sun)
What: Play games from the old days, like table baseball and football, cup and ball, spinning tops, juggling, and more!
   ※Those high school age and over will have to pay the entrance fee to the museum.
Go directly to the museum on the day. For more details, see the link below: https://www.city.hamamatsu.shizuoka.jp/hamahaku/26kikakutaikenn/taikennkoza.html#haruyasumiH28

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