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Events at Hamamatsu Astronomical Observatory (2016-05-27)

Starry Sky Photography Class (Summer)

Where:Astronomical Observatory (Fukujima-cho, Minami-ku)
When:July 24 (Sun), 7–9pm (cancelled in case of rain)
What:A lecture and practical skills for photographing starry scenery and constellations
For:20 people (first come first serve)
To Bring:Single lens reflex or mirror lens camera (a camera that can perform long-exposure shots), exchange lens (wide angle), tripod (those that have one)
Apply:From 2pm July 2 (Sat) onwards, by phone to the Observatory

Hamamatsu Astronomical Observatory (Minami-ku Fukushima-cho) TEL: 425-9158 (3F Goto Community Collaboration Center)

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