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HICE's Key Activities for the 2018 Fiscal Year (2018-04-01)

This fiscal year marks the beginning of The 2nd Hamamatsu Intercultural City Vision (FY2018–FY2022). While also being one of the vision's key facilities, HICE will undertake the following key activities:

1. Supporting the Next Generation
We will continue to provide career support for youths with foreign roots and childcare support for pre-school children with foreign roots and their guardians. In addition, we will begin the Hamamatsu Global Use Development Investigation project (entrusted to us by the Agency for Cultural Affairs). Given that in 2020, Hamamatsu will host the training camp for Brazil's paralympic team, we will work with relevant organizations to investigate what training curriculum and opportunities to shine are necessary to allow youths with foreign roots to make the most of both foreign and Japanese culture.
2. Making Use of Diversity
In order to utilize the power of a diverse city including both foreign and Japanese residents for regional revitalization, we will investigate culture creation that includes art and hold seminars for the employment and utilization of foreign talent.
3. Disaster Prevention
We will continue to engage in Multilingual Disaster Volunteer Training. We will also strengthen our network so that we can continue to rely on it during disasters by coordinating with a variety of institutions, citizen organizations, and volunteer groups to engage in disaster drills and anti-disaster measures.

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