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Life Support Program for Foreign Students (including those with Japanese citizenship) (2020-12-08)

Support 21 are looking for students for their program, mainly university and vocational school students. They also provide training to support students in their career choices and job-hunting activities. The program also provides participants with opportunities to talk to each other and learn basic skills that will be useful when they enter the workplace.

Application period: December 10, 2020 (Thu) – January 13, 2021 (Wed) (Must arrive by the deadline)

Eligibility: Students with a foreign nationality or formerly had a foreign nationality that are residing in Japan who are attending or planning to attend university, vocational college, or technical college (4th year or above) in Japan in April 2021 and fall into any of the following categories.

 a. Refugees and their children, etc.

Children of Japanese permanent residents or of returnees from China, etc. Students with a foreign nationality with similar circumstances to a and b (except for those with the status of residence "College Student")

Payment period: April 2021 to March 2022 (no repayment obligation)

Annual amount paid: 240,000 yen (20,000 yen per month)

For more information and the submission documents, please click the link below.

Support Students for "Support 21" 2021


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