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The Hamamatsu Intercultural Center is...

Hamamatsu City promotes an environment where everyone can live together safely and comfortably.

The Hamamatsu Intercultural Center works in many ways to help achieve this goal.


Open Space / Seminar Room
Anyone may use these rooms anytime during opening hours for intercultural and international exchange purposes. The rooms are perfect for small meetings and get-togethers. When using the rooms, please fill out the “Room Usage Application Form” at the reception desk.

Exhibition Corner
There are three large panels for exhibiting pictures and compositions related to interculturalism, international exchange and cooperation. Ask the office for more information about the exhibition.
Click here for "Facility Usage Application Form" Word(34KB), PDF(92KB)

Model Project of Social Integration
With local community activities through local governments, the Center works to create a society where foreign residents and Japanese people can live together. Come to us to consult about anything.
Promotion of Education for International Understanding
In order to promote international understanding, the Center sends speakers to schools, community centers, etc. for training courses.
Developing Human Resource for an Intercultural Society
The Center holds social work and community interpreter training courses.
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