Hamamatsu Foreign Resident Study Support Center
Hamamatsu Foreign Resident Study Support Center

Aiming to be Japan’s best multicultural facility
Hamamatsu City strives to continue creating an environment where Japanese and non-Japanese residents can live together cohesively. The Foreign Resident Study Support Center was officially opened on January 18th, 2010, and is a place that offers general educational support regardless of age.

Origin of nickname U-toc
4 Pillars of the Center
Japanese Classes for Foreign ResidentsJapanese Volunteer Training CoursesExperience Multiculturalism SchoolPortuguese Classes for Japanese School Teachers

Erik Henry(American, CIR) (2010/10/15)

With rhythmic exercises, picture-story shows, finger exercises and more, the Pa...See more
About the classes

Waiwai Class On-the-Spot Interviews!!! (2010/05/21)

Chinese(Sakurai)/Taiwan(Lin)/ Brazil(Ta ...See more
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