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Educational materials and manuals

Text of Japanese terms and phrases useful for senior care (2010)

In 2008, as part of its campaign to improve the living conditions of foreign residents, the Cultural Affairs Agency commissioned us to set up a “Japanese for senior care” language education program aimed at Japanese-Brazilian and other foreign residents of our community.
We are also now offering a new “Supplementary Volume of Vocabulary/Chinese Translation” available at a modest extra price covering only cost of production. Please put it to good use in your local community.

Price \1,000 (including postage and supplementary volume)
To order Please call us at 053-458-2170
Japanese for senior care

Multicultural Me, You, and Everyone - The Multicultural Education Facilitator Program (2010)

Think about the future for living together in Hamamatsu! - Educational materials for multicultural Hamamatsu - (2009)

Practical terms / Guide to facilitate your socializing (2008)

A manual for host families  (1997)

Cook/ eat/ enjoy, international exchanges starting at your kitchens (recipe book)  (1996)

A homestay manual (English/ French/ Chinese/ German)  (1994)

Folktales in Enshu area (English edition)  (1996)

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