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Register with the Volunteer Bank

What is the Volunteer Bank?

The HICE Volunteer Bank system is open to those who are passionate about international exchange, and offers them a chance to take part in international exchange activities hosted by HICE.
Within the Volunteer System, there are six specialized categories.

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(TEL:053-458-2170 email: info@hi-hice.jp)

Six specialized categories

1. Educators of International Understanding Volunteer Bank

Would you like to deliver lectures at schools, community centers, and the like to promote international and intercultural understanding? We are looking for speakers who can use their experiences and skills to give introductory talks about their native land as well as foreign lands, or to lecture on more specialized topics like economic development and multicultural community. Please use your personal talents to teach our children and make our community a better place.

2. Translation/Interpreter Volunteer Bank

There are people from some eighty different countries currently living in Hamamatsu. In addition, many international conferences and events are held in our city. We are looking for people who can use their multilingual abilities as volunteer translators and interpreters.

3. Homestay Volunteer Bank

Homestays are a wonderful opportunity to give people from other countries a firsthand experience of Japanese lifestyle, as well as to promote international exchange in general. At HICE, we coordinate individual homestays for foreign visitors and exchange students, as well as larger scale homestay programs such as those for international events and the like held in Hamamatsu area. We are looking for volunteer families to register with our program and help the cause of grassroots international exchange.

4. KOREKARA Buddy Project Volunteer Bank

The KOREKARA Buddy project aims to bring foreign residents and Japanese residents living in Japan together and building friendships by going to local festivals, sports days, seminars and dinner together. It is a project where you can make many friends.

5. Information Counter Volunteer Bank

At the HICE counter, we get many inquiries from foreign residents and tourists, as well as from Japanese people interested in international exchange/cooperation in general. How about volunteering your services as an information provider at our HICE counter? We are looking for people who like interacting with others and who have an interest in international exchange/cooperation to register with us as volunteers.

6. Japanese Language Instructor Volunteer Bank

As there are so many foreign residents here in Hamamatsu, there is a great need for Japanese language instruction in our city. To answer this need, HICE and other organizations are carrying out Japanese language instruction programs. We are looking to register Japanese language instruction volunteers who qualify under any of the following criteria: those who have received specialist education in Japanese language instruction in university, etc.; those who have passed the official Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test (Nihongo Kyōiku Nōryoku Kentei) or have other equivalent professional qualifications; those who have successfully completed Japanese language instruction volunteer training administered by HICE or another organization.

7. Event Volunteer Bank

We are looking for volunteers to help plan and/or carry out HICE events. Please register with us as a volunteer if you would like to experience and contribute to various types of international exchange.

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