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Date : 2018/07/05 Place :

Intercultural Experience (Participant Feedback)

On May 23, as a field trip, participants walked a loop around town from Hamamatsu Station to Hamamatsu Castle, and we would like to share some feedback we received.
During this “Hamamatsu Walk,” we visited Hamamatsu Castle, Shointei Tea Ceremony House, Genmoku-cho’s Toshogu Shrine, and the Hamamatsu Intercultural Center. Even though I live in Hamamatsu, it was the first time I had gone to many of these places. It was very interesting. Also, it wasn’t just foreign residents who participated in this walk; many Japanese residents participated as well, so talking with them as we walked around town was a lot of fun. The vocabulary was a little difficult, but I greatly enjoyed learning about Japanese culture, and would like to do it again.
Date : 2018/05/23 Name : a field trip participant

Reading & Writing Class (Student Comment)

We would like to share one of the comments we received from our students.
At first, I studied hiragana and katakana. I passed the tests and then studied in the Approved Kanji and Extensive Reading groups. Kanji is difficult, but I have begun to understand a bit when I go shopping or go to the hospital. In the Extensive Reading group, I started with reading simple stories. The first book I read was full of words I did not know but I was able to understand the story by looking at the pictures. I would like to study reading and writing Japanese more so I will be able to read Japanese newspapers.
Date : 2018/04/05 Name : a student in the Reading & Writing Class

Japanese Volunteer Training Course (Graduate Message)

The 1st and 2nd rounds of the Japanese Volunteer Training Course have come to an end. Here is a message from a graduate.
I decided to take this course after seeing a flyer posted at an elementary school. In this course, teachers from a variety of fields come each class to deepen our understanding of foreign residents living in Japan. It was very interesting and became a good opportunity for me to reconsider Japanese culture and language in a new light.
During the practical training in the Reading & Writing Class and at elementary schools, I was deeply moved when I was presented with the sight of people working hard on their assignments and trying their best to adapt to Japan. I would like to make use of these experiences in my future work.
Date : 2018/03/20 Name : a Japanese Volunteer Training Course graduate

Portuguese Class (Beginner) (Student Feedback)

We received from feedback from a student that we would like to share with you.
In this Portuguese Class, I was taught everyday conversation and school conversation, and I have been able to use this in my current volunteer work. And unlike a specialized language class, I was glad to be able to learn many things about Brazil as well. The Brazilian Christmas experience was very fun.
The thing that left the greatest impression on me was Brazilian arithmetic. I was surprised that they do calculations differently than Japan. I had to be taught many times before I was able to do it the same way. Also, although I was glad to learn the words for parts of the body, remembering them was hard, leading me to keenly appreciate the difficulty of memorizing words.
The teacher was friendly and taught us politely, so I was able to have fun learning. It was enjoyable to be able to learn about the charms of Brazil. After this, I’d like to try talking to someone from Brazil using the words I learned in this course.
Date : 2018/03/18 Name : a Portuguese Class student

[Congratulations] We graduated from the U-ToC Japanese Classes! (Graduate Message)

This time, 3 people graduated. We have a message from one of the graduates, Yug Chetna (from India), that we will share with you as is.

I started my U-ToC journey on December 2016 with the Introductory class and here I am one year later after graduating from the Practical class, writing a thank you note for all the people associated with U-ToC who have been an essential part of my Japanese learning journey.
Learning at U-ToC has been a fun experience.
The teaching methodology used at U-ToC focuses on the holistic learning of the student. Students gain the theoretical knowledge in the main class, improve their reading skills in the Reading class while simultaneously learning kanji in the Kanji class; both of which are a part of Yomikaki class. And for the conversation skills part, students get to practice their conversation skills while interacting with the teachers and the U-Toc volunteers in the ‘Oshaberi time’ which is scheduled every month, call it cultural exchange or an opportunity for practising the conversation skills. I specially enjoyed participating in the ‘Oshaberi time’. The cheerful volunteers were amazing, always boosting the students with confidence, appreciating and encouraging them to speak in Japanese, even if the students knew a little. Also, resolving the students’ questions or queries, be it regarding the language course or outside of it. They explained it in the best way possible. I thank each and everyone of them. They have played a major part in improving my conversation skills.
Not only this, the U-ToC staff actively organises various events so that the students can get to know the culture and customs of Japan. The various tasks and responsibilities are divided among the students to ensure their participation and interaction. These events are also an opportunity to make friends with other students and volunteers.
The best thing about U-ToC’s teaching method is that the teachers use various illustrations making it easy for the students to grasp the lesson really fast. The contents of the book used for teaching are very well-structured, enabling step by step learning. For my JLPT exam I studied from the U-ToC kanji book. It is the perfect book for learning kanji while simultaneously improving the vocabulary, by reading and practising the example sentences given for each kanji. Also, I gained a lot of general knowledge about famous places of Japan and it’s cuisine by reading books provided in the Reading class.
I am thankful to the U-ToC staff, all the teachers, the U-ToC volunteers and all my classmates for this lovely experience. I am absolutely delighted that U-ToC was a part of my learning experience and is surely and will be my best and most memorable time in Japan. It has made me more confident for my life.
Please accept my sincere gratitude for all the valuable support which has helped me in taking my learning to the next level.
I am falling short of words to express my gratitude towards all of you.
Thank you once again!

Best regards,
Yug Chetna
Date : 2018/01/15 Name : Yug Chetna
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