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HICE Membership

HICE Membership

As a member of the HICE, the individual or organization will promote the internationalization of the Hamamatsu region, aiming at the fostering of warm communal relations between Japanese citizens and foreign residents, and perform a “supporting role” function for the activities of the HICE.

Members’ privileges

As well as receiving a membership card, the member will receive the “HICE NEWS”, our monthly newsletter containing information about the activities of the HICE. The member also has priority to enroll in courses and events hosted by HICE, and has the privileges for borrowing books from the HICE and receiving a membership discount on HICE publications and educational courses. The mail-magazine “CIR NEWS” will be sent upon request.

Come and take part in volunteer activities and international exchanges with the HICE.

Membership fee
Annual Fee (Individual) 3,000 yen (1 year) , 5,000 yen (2 years)
(Company/Group) 30,000 yen (1 year)

Members are issued a membership card. Please inquire at the HICE office for details.


The mail-magazine exclusive to members: THE HAMA CIR NEWS

We began publishing a monthly newsletter, "THE HAMA CIR NEWS", in English and Japanese, exclusively for HICE members.

The two Hamamatsu City Coordinators for International Relations (CIR) write about Japanese culture and customs and what they thought of Japan and Hamamatsu as well as about the culture and customs of their native countries. They also write reviews of books and movies etc.

The content is written both in English and Japanese, so that it may also be useful to those studying English. It's a great opportunity to have contact with native English!

To receive the mail-magazine
For: HICE members
Fee Free
Application Send an email to hice05@hi-hice.jp with the membership number and your name.

Member Companies /Groups of HICE


Japan Baptist Missionaries

Hamamatsu-Indonesia Friendship Association

Hamamatsu Gakuin University

Medical Aid for Foreigners in Hamamatsu (MAF Hamamatsu)

Hamamatsu Shinkin Bank

Hamamatsu Junior Chamber

Hamamatsu Interpreter Volunteer Guides “Help”

Hamamatsu NPO Network Center

NPO Hamamatsu Brazil Association


Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.

Rotary Club of Hamamatsu

Hamamatsu Warsaw Friendship Association

Hirano vinyl Kogyo

Filipino Nagkaisa

Four Seasons Language School and Cultural Center

Fudeya Stationer

Bank of Brazil Hamamatsu Branch

Brazilian Culture Exchange Association

Brics Technology Incorporation

Maruhachi Mawata Co., Ltd.

Mitomi Printing

Yaokyu Fruit and Vegetables

Yamaha Corporation

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd

Yamaha Fine Technologies Co., Ltd

Yamaha Football Club

Yamaha Motor Assist Co., Ltd.

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