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14th Hamamatsu Global Fair

We are holding the 14th Hamamatsu Global Fair!

The Hamamatsu Global Fair, organized by the Hamamatsu Intercultural Center (HICE) in collaboration with Hamamatsu International Understanding Education Net and the Hamamatsu Cultural Foundation (NPO), is back at Create Hamamatsu this year! If you’re into international exchange, multicultural coexistence, and understanding different cultures, join us. There will be consultation sessions for foreign residents, and various organizations with expertise in overseas affairs will be present. Whether you want to watch, chat, shop, try something new, seek advice, or simply connect and have a fun time – we have a day filled with exciting experiences waiting for you!♪

※New information will be added as it becomes available. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!!!

※Changes may occur to the line-up.


World Market
Fureai Hiroba (1F) 11:00~16:00

Buy some items from overseas from cute stalls selling a variety of food and goods, including Fairtrade items! ♪


Indonesian souvenirs (Batik, neck scarves, and other handmade souvenirs)

Walkabout Cafe

Australian food and drink (Beef pies, Lamington, and various beverages)

Everest Fuji Society Nepalese Association of Hamamatsu

Confectionary from Nepal

Oisca College for Global Cooperation

Vegetables cultivated by students (Rive, Chinese cabbage, radish, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and more)

GRACE dulce sabor

Confectionery handmade by a Peruvian mother (Backed goods, like Empanada, Milhojas, and Alfajores)


Fair trade goods and food (chocolate, coffee, tea, dried fruits, brooches, wallets, cutlery)

Sanburari feat. Mamenoki Co.

Fair trade Mexican coffee (Organic coffee beans and hand drip coffee)

JK Market Indian Handicrafts

Indian goods (Clothing, bags, pouches, and more)

Zimbabwe OV Association

Crafts from Zimbabwe and an introducution from the Southern Africa and Zimbabwe Cooperation Volunteers


Filipino foods (Fried banana, Filipino rice noodles, juice, and sweets)

Dauucgu Gakuin High School Hamamatsu Campus

Fun experience to deepen cross -culture understanding and origami

TEA chin eel

Nata de coco tea from China (Rose tea, passion fruit tea and pineapple tea)

Kaiseikan JH&SH School SDGs Club

Kaiseikan Junior and Senior High School SDGs Club original “KSK Blend” fair trade drip coffee, chocolate, and thermos bottles

Buffet Trindade

Brazilian Food. Sweet treats(Brigadeiro, Beijinho) and savory snacks (Coxinha, Risoles)

Fuxico Brasil

Brazilian handmade miscellaneous goods (Trnkests and accesssories made from clayu and yam)


Small miscellaneous goods from Peru. (Handmade hair accessories, ribbons, acessories for children)


Small miscellaneous good from Indonesia

Nagoya Immigration Services Agency
Mascot Character “Nagomin”

Inside the Immigration Officer’s Role
Fureai Hiroba (1F) 11:00~16:00

Give being an immigration officer a try♪ Their mascot character “Nagomin” will also be there!

Provided by: Nagoya Immigration Services Agency

Discover Indonesia: Mari Mari Experience Creative Activity Room (1F) 11:00~16:00

Immerse yourself in Indonesian culture: try on traditional costumes, play musical instruments, dance, and more!

Experience trying on traditional Indonesian costumes like Batik and the Kebaya dress for women. Try playing the traditional bamboo instrument Angklung, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Item, and enjoy dance performances. Let’s have a mini Indonesia Festival together!

Provided by: Hamamatsu Indonesia Friendship Association

Global Traffic Safety: Bike Helmet Awareness Creative Activity Room (1F) 11:00~15:00

Refresh your knowledge of Japanese traffic rules while exploring traffic safety worldwide. Discover the significance of traffic rules and manners essential for safeguarding ourselves in our daily lives.

Provided by: Hamamatsu Chuo Ward Office Ward Development Promotion Division

World Cuisine
Courtyard (1F) 11:00~16:00

Various international cuisine restaurants based in Hamamatsu are scheduled to participate. You can enjoy dishes from different countries!


Listen to Short Speeches by Students of the Tenryu ICT Class and Chat at the Poster Exchange!
Atelier (2F) 13:00~15:00

Come and join us to listen to short speeches by students of the Tenryu ICT class and partake in lively conversations at the Poster Exchange!

The Tenryu Japanese Language School collaborates with students from Tokoha University to conduct online classes once a month. Listen to speeches collaboratively crafted by both learners and university students. Tokoha University students will also present speeches in foreign languages. The venue will showcase poster displays reflecting the themes of the speeches. During the exchange gathering, engage in conversations with the learners about their lives in Japan and their home countries. For additional details, please visit this page. https://www.hi-hice.jp/ja/event-calendar/event-seminar/e_144124/

Provided by: Tenryu Japanese Language School, Tokoha University, HICE


International Understanding Workshop
Meeting room 21 (2F) 11:00~16:00

Learn about and experience global issues using Snakes and Ladders!

Coordinator: Hamamatsu International Understanding Education Net


3rd Filipino Language Speech Contest – Introduction to Filipino Culture
Meeting room 22 (2F) 13:00~16:00

We’re hosting the only Filipino language speech contest in Japan. Inside the venue, we’ve set up panels that showcase the culture and society of the Philippines. Immerse yourself in the language and culture of the Philippines!

NPO Filipino Nagaisa is an organization bridging “Resident Filipinos” and “Japanese Society.” For details on applying for the Filipino Language Speech Contest and participation conditions, please visit our website. Observing on the day requires no registration and is free to enter and exit!

Coordinator: NPO Filipino Nagaisa


Information and Consultations on Daily Life
Hamamatsu Intercultural Center(4F)

Coordinator: Nagoya Immigration Services Agency, Shizuoka Labor Bureau, Shizuoka Bar Association


Introduction to Indonesian and Bangladeshi Culture
Meeting room 51 (5F) 11:00~16:00

The much-anticipated annual cultural introduction room that’s always a big hit!

Coordinator: HAMKA

Smiles for all: Intercultural Harmony
Meeting room 51 (5F) 11:00~15:00

Ukrainian Children’s Art Exhibition, Multicultural Coexistence Workshop, Insights into Ukraine (via Zoom from Poland)

Coordinator: Youth Overseas Cooperation Shizuoka Alumni Association

Buddy Room Special Edition – World Adventure!
~KoreKara Culture Fest~ With Calligraphy Experience!
Meeting room 53 (5F) 11:00~15:00

Chat with people from various countries living in the community. The Buddy Room, held monthly, makes a special appearance at the Global Fair. For those wondering, “What is Buddy Room?” – feel free to drop by and find out

HICE’s “Buddy Room” brings together people from different countries once a month to attend festivals, cook, and participate in various activities. Members keen on introducing their own culture will gather for the “KoreKara Culture Fest.” Representatives from six countries including India, Ireland, Vietnam and Afghanistan will introduce their culture at individual booths. Talk to the representatives to learn more about their country and culture ! There will be quizzes, games, a café where you can try hot baobab tea, Indian dancing and lots of other fun things to do! You can even try your hand at calligraphy!


11:00 – 11:30KOREKARA 文化祭 オープニングブース出展者全員が集合
11:45 – 12:15英語で、じっくり アイルランド研究浜松市の国際交流員が、アイルランドについて英語を交えて紹介
12:30 – 12:50ベトナム再発見!ベトナム・アオザイ体験+ベトナム語ミニ講座
13:00 – 13:20行ってみたいなスリランカー☆縫製が得意なスリランカ人のチャトゥさんによる、スリランカの文化紹介
13:30 – 13:50美しいアフガニスタンの自然と人々浜松に暮らすアフガニスタン人のサガールさんが、アフガニスタンの大自然を写真を交えて紹介
14:30 – 14:50『India is not only about Bollywood!』~インドはボリウッドだけじゃない!~地域に暮らすインド人プージャさんによるダンス体験
15:00 – 15:20Closing – 各出展者から一言誰でもごちゃまぜ、ダンスパーティ

Kawaii Confections: Making Nerikiri and Matcha!
Japanese-style room (5F) 11:00~16:00

Participation fee: ¥1000, on a first-come, first-served basis on the day. Please come and join us!

Coordinator: Yummy Deco

Event Overview

Date February 11, 2024 (Sun)
VenueCREATE Hamamatsu Building
〒430-0916 Create Hamamatsu, Hayaumacho 2-1, Chuou-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka-ken
ApplicationCome directly to the venue!
For EnquiriesHamamatsu Foundation for International Communication and Exchange (HICE)
Telephone: 053-458-2170 / E-mail: info@hi-hice.jp
HostHamamatsu Foundation for International Communication and Exchange (HICE)
Co-hostHamamatsu International Understanding Education Net,Hamamatsu Cultural Foundation (NPO)


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