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Global Talent

Coexistence of Communities

Regional Coexistence Model (Commissioned by Hamamatsu International Affairs Division: Undertaken by HICE)

Hamamatsu City, is a city with many many foreign residents. The Municipal Association is working on a system which will help foreign residents to live together in harmony with the local community. We hope to assist in the creation of a community where people of different cultures can live together.

Support of Municipal Associations

We provide a variety of consultations for Municipal Associations. Depending on the content of the consultation, we coordinate things which may assist them in the dissemination of information for co-existence such as: translation of documents (circulation of documents, creating flyers for town festivals and organizing disaster drills, etc.), dispatch of interpreters, and mediators etc..

Residents Associations – Exchange Meetings

We are running seminars for members of Resident’s Associations to promote exchange within local communities and foreign residents.

Bridge Builders

We are training skilled local people to act as mediators between both Japanese culture and foreign culture, and promote and encourage mutual understanding of each others cultures.

We are also providing training for understanding the background of foreign residents for: staff of social welfare councils, staff in organizations which offer support and consultation for people with disabilities, and organizations providing care for the elderly.

Creating a Diverse City

We hope that we are not only deepening multicultural understanding, but are also carrying out projects that lead to the revitalization of local culture, economy and society through the diversity of our foreign residents.

Projects to Revitalize the Region (Commissioned by Hamamatsu International Affairs Division: Undertaken by HICE)

We are conducting seminars on the implementation of Global Talent so that culturally diverse citizens, such as foreign citizens, can live and work while making use of their cultural and linguistic talents.

Support of Creative Activities

We support the creation of opportunities for citizens to communicate using their own diverse cultures and creative activities that local citizens plan and implement themselves. To show our support the activities of young people with foreign roots, we supporting the activities of COLORS, an organization which regularly hold classes at part-time high schools in Hamamatsu.

Culture, The Arts and Sports via SNS

We are currently using Facebook and Instagram, and are considering more effective ways, to share information. Also, we are able to share information in multiple languages regarding HICE Membership, Volunteering, Civic Works Groups and Foreign Resident Community Networks. As the internet is an extremely effective way of sharing information, we are also distributing important or relevant information in foreign languages regarding disaster preparedness, culture, sports.

Hamamatsu Cup “Festa Samba”

Since 2019, HICE has been organizing this event through the Secretariat of the Executive Committee . Through this event, we are able to take the opportunity to create a new culture to connect to others with.

The Growth of Global Talent

The Growth of Global Talent (Commissioned by Hamamatsu International Affairs Division: Undertaken by HICE)

We send lecturers to schools and communities to hold seminars on deepening international understanding. We also provide training to acquire specialized knowledge on a wide range of issues which prove important in the lives of foreign residents.

Foreign Residents Community Empowerment

We are working together with foreign residents living and working in Japan, and holding seminars to empower them. We are providing seminars which are relevant to the needs of those foreign residents.

  • For Brazilian Residents: We are providing information about the Nursing-care insurance system and Elderly Care Homes.
  • For Vietnamese Residents: We are providing Vietnamese counsellors and interpreters who are in a position to support technical trainees, about the rights of foreign workers and the system of support for foreigners.
  • For Filipino and Indonesian Residents: We are providing basic knowledge for those living and working in Japanese society about things like crisis situations and rules of the road.

Classes for International Understanding

We are holding a variety of classes and seminars on International Understanding in order to educate and develop the next generation.

  • Global Talent Seminars: The seminars aim to raise awareness of citizens about multicultural understanding. They also focus on SDGs and other topics surrounding being a part of a global society.

Earthlings – Classes International Understanding

We utilize local global talent, such as foreign residents who have diverse cultural backgrounds or Japanese citizens who have experience living overseas as business people or Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, and send them to various schools and communities to act as instructors for teaching about international understanding.

Facilitators for Learning about International Understanding (HICE Volunteers)

Conducted in cooperation with the Hamamatsu International Understanding Education Network, a citizens’ group. The topics include international understanding, collaboration, and multiculturalism.

International Exchange / The Progression of International Understanding

International Exchange, International Understanding Events (HICE Volunteers)

International Exchange, International Understanding Classes and Events

We organize events and courses to provide citizens with more opportunities to experience multiculturalism, take part in international exchange, and increase international understanding. In working together with international organizations, the foreign resident community and civil society organizations, we hope to strengthen our network via our events. Recently, we have been holding the events using online platforms, as they are more flexible and help us to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while also attracting new participants, who may not be able to attend otherwise.

Foreign Language Classes (HICE Volunteers)

To promote citizens to undertake in international exchange, we are teaching Basic Level Foreign Language Classes, and Language Salons (Intermediate Level).

Foreign Language Classes – Intercultural Understanding

We hold classes in Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese and Thai. All of the professors are foreign residents. They teach, not only about language itself, but also that countries culture.

E-Bunka – Understanding the Wider World through English

Foreign Residents undertake the role of professors, and teach us about their various cultures.

International Cooperation Activities (HICE’s Volunteer s)

Support of Fairtrade Activities

The Citizens Organization has been involved in Fairtrade related projects through supporting activities such as “Hamamatsu Fairtrade Town Network”.

Hamamatsu Global Fair (HICE’s Volunteers)

Hamamatsu Global Fair is one of our major events for international understanding. The event has been designed to provide children, in particular, with an opportunity to experience the wider world and encourage the participation of foreign residents in Japanese life. In addition to educational workshops on international understanding, there are a variety of events such as the “World Stage”, World Cuisine and the showcase of some cultural experiences. The event is co-organized by citizens’ groups and CREATE Hamamatsu.

Multicultural Experience (Commissioned by the Tokyo International Affairs Division: Foreign Resident Learning Support Centre Project)

Field Trips / Disaster Prevention Drills.

We are organizing Out of School Learning Trips and Disaster Prevention Drills.

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